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Itaewon Vinyl's Holy Land, Record, Mmm Records.

음 레코드 외관 사진
음레코드 전경. 빨간색 소파가 있다.
음 레코드 내부 전경 데스크
음 레코드 네온 사인 No music No life
음 레코드 내부 전경 홀
음 레코드 턴 테이블

Usadan-ro in Itaewon is what we’ve now come to know as a very “Gram-able” spot, perfect for our social media obsessed generation. I tend to stay away from places like there, where couples come to take photos and show off their dates filled with hashtags. Mostly, this is because I’m ultimately disappointed by these destinations, but also I like to find more genuine and original spots. So, when I came to Om Records, which is located in the heart of Usadan-ro, I was really surprised by how natural it felt. More than a hipster destination, it feels like a neighborhood meeting place where locals enjoy music while relaxing on the soft, weathered sofas. You can feel the cool oozing out of the walls. Taking a look around the space, you can see people enjoying soft City Pop tunes and I naturally melted into this background, actually I layed limplessly on a sofa!. The interior is decorated with cassette tapes and old TV’s hooked up to VHS players. It reminded me of my childhood days when I would watch the anime series ‘Wedding Peach’ on repeat. Om Records is a spot that really brings one back to a soft spot in their mind and where you can get lost in time.


Mmm Recores: 145, Usadan-ro 10-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


thumb, 피스오브서울, 강아솔

피스오브서울: 강아솔 ‹아무도 없는 곳에서, 모두가 있는 곳으로›


카코포니, Cacophony

세상을 사랑하려는 발버둥의 소리


사운즈굿, Soundsgood

Gacha! 사운즈굿 김준오·정덕환이 뽑은 것


김도훈, 마돈나는 역사다

마돈나는 역사다


김윤하, 힙노시스테라피, HypnnosisTerapy

피스오브서울: 힙노시스 테라피 ‹PSILOCYBIN›


에이트레인, atrain

진심의 사랑, 진심의 디테일


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